Hey mountaineers, hunter, fisherman, and even you city dudes. This is the hat for you!

Now what banker, stockbroker or old west socialite won't want to wear a lid like this


Could be worn by any gunslinger, bartender, piano player, or those who want to look fancy on Sunday.


WOW! This has Marshall Dillon written all over it. OK maybe he didn't wear it in the color Dijon.


We all know he liked to kick a pig now and then but Lonesome Dove has made this style what it is.


A reproduction of our Civil War circa, and continues with pride even now.


This topper has a unique style bar none. Only those that truly know you will understand why you wear this one.

Montana Peak

Champion rifle shot and Wild west showman, Doc Carver wore this well in the late 1800's, o.k. so we added a little more brim


Revenger, gambler and telescope - this hat wears many a name. So maybe you should be carrying a derringer with this one.


Many a persons have been partial to this one. From rancher to cowgirl, rodeo and city slicker.


What more can we say from the rugged creases on this hat only the very serious need to apply


This hat certainly speaks for it self "Pilgrim". Name your brim size!


The deep slope on this lid will keep any buckaroo looking head on. You'll be proud to have this atop your head.


In this town you always got a fair play, so with this hat you can't go wrong.

Open Crown

Now the fellow that wears this, needs no fancy frills. He'll let nature, truck tire or his horse do the crease work.

Frontiersman .

Wear your buckskins with this one.


If you can't hit this crown, hang it up.

Boss of the Plains This old original kept J.B. from the harsh elements of the west

Handbeaded Hats

These hand beaded creations can dazzle the best of folks. This is a very special statement.

Palm leaf straws

Now here's a straw hat you can take to the horse trough with you.

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